Zamfara State Governor Gives Bandits Two Months to Surrender

It is now common knowledge that 6000 additional troops have been allocated to Zamfara State which is popular for kidnappings and raids. President Buhari issued this addition to the state troops and they are yet to arrive. This is also very good for Zamfara State as it needs all the security it can get at this moment, but what i don’t understand is why Bello Muhammad Matawalle, the Governor of Zamfara gave an ultimatum of two months to the bandits to repent and surrender.

At least they took a step towards ensuring security. But telling bandits to surrender should be the least expected from the Governor of the state. Forming a task force to go undercover and penetrate the den of the bandits is a sensible option. But expecting the bandits to drop their weapons and surrender is out of it.

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