Zamfara State Governor Alleges That Some Faceless and Nameless People Offered the Kidnappers of Jangebe School Girls Money Not to Release the Girls

The Zamfara State Governor, Bello Matawalle on Tuesday alleged that while the state was in negotiation with kidnappers of Jangebe schoolgirls, the armed men were offered money by unnamed persons not to release the girls!

I do not know about you, but this is very shocking to me. It is not only shocking that some people actually wanted the young girls to still be held captive; but also shocking that the governor says he is not yet ready to release the names of these terrible people. See how it was reported below.

He said he would soon reveal the mystery behind the abduction of the girls adding that those instigating criminals should be careful. He said he talked to the relevant security agencies including the police, DSS and army to discreetly investigate the matter.

I would have thought that he would have named them and get the security agencies go after them. This will go a long way in preventing these kind of occurrences.

  • Could it actually be true that some people were willing to pay (perhaps even paid) to have these girls kept in captivity?

  • What do/did they hope to achieve by doing that?

  • Who gave the governor this information since it’s obviously not from the security agencies? Is it the kidnappers themselves?

  • If it was the kidnappers who told the governor this, could it be they (the kidnappers) were trying to have an upper hand in the negotiation by making it look like they have nothing to lose (in fact a lot to gain) by still keeping the girls?