Young Naija FM Radio Presenter Murdered By Unknown Gunmen in Ibadan

This is obviously an assassination. Don’t you think?

Popularly known as Eja Nla, Titus Badejo was a radio presenter for Naija FM in Ibadan, Oyo State until the time of his death.

Titus was said to have been gunned down by unknown gun men while driving home from the club with his friends.

The real reason behind Eja Nla’s death still remains unclear, but one thing is sure; He was assassinated.
Judging from the circumstances of his death where his other friends were spared but he alone was killed, it is obvious that he was targeted.

It is also no news that Nigeria is a dangerous place for journalists as our leaders will do just about anything to prevent free speech and prevent the truth from getting out.

The Nigerian Union of Journalists have also reacted to this and have called for this death to be properly investigated.

Would it be safer to stop talking about Government, politics and several other atrocities committed by our leaders?
What are your thoughts on these?