Young Man Sentenced to 7 Years in Jail for 30m Naira Fraud

A man identified as Tunde Martins has been sentenced to seven years in prison by the Lagos State High Court, Igbosere following some fraudulent activities he partook in involving Diamond bank.

Tunde was said to have taken a loan of 30 million naira from the said bank with forged documents and then refused to pay back the money.

He was found guilty of his charges and sentenced to prison on the 28th of september, 2020.

Well, it seems that justice was served here but i wonder why this doesn’t happen when it is the case of a politician. its sad to know that only common men get prosecuted in Nigeria.

Several times, a lot of politicians have gotten away with their fraudulent acts without any penalty involved. For instance, Ibrahim Madu still hasn’t been convicted of any crime despite the fact that he has compelling evidences against him.

Nigeria is about to be 60 years and we are still struggling with our leaders, what do you think must be done to remedy this?

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