Young Girl's Scalp Completely Burnt After Aunt Sets Her on Fire for Being a Witch

As seen in the video above, a young girl was set on fire by her aunt after being accused of being a witch.

As expected, this brought a lot of attention and an interrogation process was conducted by a radio station known as Brekete Radio. Breteke Radio became involved because it is a reality radio and television program focused on human right

During the course of the interview led by one Ahmad Isah of the Brekete Radio, the general public were able to know that she (the aunt) was named Susan and that she has no motive behind setting the girl on fire as no one told her the child was a witch.

She also said that she didn’t know what came over her to have set the child on fire.
However, something dramatic happened towards the end of the video. The interviewer, Ahmad Musa slapped the culprit, susan and this has since then sparked a lot of controversy on the internet.

Well, here are some reactions to the video of the lady being slapped:




What the woman did was obviously evil and vile, but it was very unprofessional of a media personnel to take it on her by slapping her. Or do you think that he is right for doing that and that she deserves more than a slap??