Yahaya Bello For 2023 Presidency Or Not?

There have been several reports that shows how Yahaya Bello, the Governor of Kogi State isn’t a very good leader. Although, a whole lot of people will oppose this, it is the sad reality.

Despite this, Yahaya Bello who is a huge supporter of Muhammadu Buhari and his administration has just been endorsed to contest for President come 2023 general elections by the Kogi state house of Assembly.

Surprising right? Although, just 45 years of age, i don’t think this candidate is fit to run.

Yahaya Bello is notorious for not paying civil servants salaries in Kogi State. He pays in percentages and sometimes withholds the workers salaries for months before paying. In short, he doesn’t treat the people of kogi as he should and if anything, Nigeria needs an exact opposite of Buhari, not a replica of him in character like Yahaya Bello.

Kogi is also known to be a home and center of kidnapping events. The Lokoja-Abuja road is a den for kidnappers and the rate at which people are kidnapped and killed on that road has intensified since Yahaya Bello has been Governor.

It is possible to allow someone who hasn’t been able to eradicate kidnapping in his state to rule a country and protect them from terrorists? I believe that this is impossible and he shouldn’t have been endorsed.

What are your views on Yahaya Bello running for Presidency? Do you think he is fit to run or not?