Women Sleep Their Way To The Top...... How True Is This Allegation?

One of the topics discussed on the streets of twitter today was the narrative on how women sleep their ways to the top.

Turns out a lot of people believe that men and women do not have a fair chance in attaining positions in the workforce. The believe sits solely on women sleeping with men as a payment to attain positions and climb social ladders to the top.

some of the tweets below shows varying opinions on this topic…

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I personally do not think that this narration is totally correct as it has been used to judged women who attain high positions.

I believe that this narration is mostly used by men who can’t accept that a woman is holding a position that they couldn’t achieved. Once a woman is in a way greater or ahead of them, they turn to slut shaming by telling her that the only way she could have attained the position in the first place is by sleeping with men.

They forget that other factors also matters in attaining high positions. What about Hard work? Unrelenting Spirit, Can do spirit, being a genius… and other efforts she might have put into making it in life.

One cannot also rule out the fact that women sometimes exchange favors by sex, but so does men!

Besides, the world still has more men in power than women, so, where are the women who slept their way to the top?

Perhaps if things were fair to the feminine gender, such act who never have been done in the first place neither will this narrative arise.

So, I think that this narration is completely misogynistic. What are your views on this?