Woman Assulted By Nigerian Soldiers For Indecent Dressing

A video which has gone viral on social media shows the despicable condition a woman had to undergo in the hands of a Nigerian Soldier due to her indecent dressing.

In the video, it shows how the soldier repeatedly flogged the woman who pleaded for the beating to stop as onlookers stood by and did nothing.

Its quite shocking to know that this incidence took place only weeks after youths took to the streets to protest against brutality.

Besides, it isnt written any where in the law that soldiers should take action or beat anyone that is indecently dressed. This is nothing but another prove to show how the Nigerian military brutalize civilians in Nigeria for mundane things because wearing a camisole gown with a orange hair is not a crime.

What is the correct method the soldier should have used in correcting the woman? Do you think that he will be brought to justice?

What must be done to put an end to military brutality in Nigeria?