Wildfire Continues To Engulf Siberia

Towns and villages in Siberia and the remote east of Russia have been affected by wild fires which engulfed Siberia cities and towns with smoke which is toxic to the human health.

Asides the damage it has caused to millions of hectares of the Russian land mass, it is now beginning to affect every form of living things in the area.

The wildfire has caused a very uncomfortable heat wave and air pollution to the affected areas.

This is also not the only recorded wild fire on earth. Several other countries have also reported cases of wild fires. Places like East Africa, Indonesia, New Mexico have also suffered from the rage of the wildfire.

One prominent place that was engulfed with a wildfire that caused a threat to one of earth major source of oxygen is the Amazon forest which is one of the wettest places on the planet.

It is quite obvious that this is a threat to our air supply which is the most important thing for every living thing on earth, and it is true that most of these wildfires were instigated by lightening, but what must be done to prevent wildfires like this from occurring?