Why Do You Think Women Undergo Cosmetic Surgery?


What could be the reason why women argument their bodies? Is it so that they can look better for men or because they just wanna look beautiful and appreciate themselves as claimed by online and media personality, Toke Makinwa.
Recently, an argument ensued online as to the reason why women argument their bodies by filling their lips, redistributing fat in significant places in their body, breast and hips enlargement, breast reduction as the case may be and so on.

Quite a number of people believe that this is because women want to look good for men while, others support that this is done because women just want to look good for themselves.
I’m not sure of what to believe as to why women do this, but Iwill really love to hear you opinion on this.

There is lot of reasons why women argument their bodies but one of the main reasons is for them not to look inferior in the eyes of men or other women. Women are women, they want to be attractive to men.
Consequently, our society is not helping them at all, our society pressurized them much, racism everywhere. That is why you will see someone that is beautiful and dark in completion, she will be thinking of cosmetic surgery or bleaching her body in other for her to good or fair.