Why are Nigerians Calling for the Resignation of Isa Pantami?

I’m sure you must have seen the name Isa Pantami trending all through the week. Well, here are some interesting facts to know about Isa Pantami, Nigeria’s current Minister of Communications and Digital Economy.

At first, there were reports that Pantami was on the US terror watch list, then a video showing the minister in an exchange with Mohammed Yusuf, the man who founded [Boko Haram] as well as how Pantami had a rather cordial relationship with the terrorists went viral on the internet.

Then the news/video was debunked and Pantami even threatened to sue the media outlets. Not long after this, a lecture Pantami did in 2006 surfaced online. The lecture which was delivered in Bauchi entails how Pantami showed his admiration for terror groups like thaliban and Al-Qaeda. He also passed hateful comments to non-muslims.

It was after the revelation of these videos he came out to renounce his views. But it was too late. Nigerians already took him for what he said and believes in.

And up until now, the Nigerian Government is yet to intervene. They are yet to investigate further and the question lingering in the mind of everyone is… Why is Isa Pantami still a minister?

How was Isa cleared by the DSS before he became a minister? Where there no background checks on him?

What is your reaction to this?