What's Going On With Rahama Sadau?

Its no news that a lot of quite a number of issues have stirred up around a muslim and kannywood actress, Rahama Sadau.

To a lot of Nigerians, she’s a known actress for her roles in Up North, MTV Shuga, If i am president as they were the most popular of her movies.

Well, thing turned sour for this actress after she posted a picture where she has a dress on with its back open which happens to be a sort of dressing frowned on by the muslim community.

Well, after she released this picture on social media and was met with a lot of disapproval, she made a video to apologize for doing such and promised to turn a new leaf, but it seems like they are not ready to get off her case as a probe has allegedly been placed on her and she will have to appear in court on the charges of blasphemy against the Islamic prophet.


Well, this latest development hasn’t been confirmed yet but if true, is it really necessary?

Don’t you think Sharia Law is quite extreme? What do you have to say about this?

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