What's Going On With Kiki Mordi?

There have been allegations against a Nigerian Journalist, Kiki Mordi after she was presented with a Michael Elliot Award for African Story telling after her documentary uncovered the thriving sexual harassments in African Universities.

Kiki is a 29 year old journalist, media personality, filmmaker and writer who has won a few awards that have sealed her excellence in here chosen career.

Well, after Kiki was presented with this award, some of her colleagues and other high profiled people took to twitter to somewhat in a harsh way admonish kiki to share the glory with those that brought up the idea of the documentary on uncovering sexual harassments.

From their tweets, it became obvious that kiki wasn’t the one who brought up the idea and as she seems to have a history of not sharing the money or glory with the other journalists involved, so, they felt it right to call her out in an open request that she does the right thing.


Kiki is now trending on twitter for this.

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