What Really Happened To The Newspaper Vendor That Was Shot In Abuja

A video on how a news vendor was shot and left by the roadside in Abuja was the talk of yesterday. It was said that a policeman that was attached to the speaker of the house of representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila unjustly shot the vendor who was doing nothing but hailing the speaker.

However, hours after this video circulated, the Speaker came forth through his twitter account to release a statement as seen below.


Although it was claimed that an investigation is being carried out,will the real truth come to light? Because bystanders said that the policeman just shot at the vendor for no reason, so what will be the most likely results for the said investigation?

I believe that the real truth behind the shooting will be covered up since it might discredit the Speaker and manipulation and corruption are the major attributes of a Nigerian Politician.