What happens to a patient's privacy during a surgery?

What do you think about this?

I know it can be quite uncomfortable to have student doctors and whatnots trooping in and out of the theater while a surgery is being performed on you, especially if this surgery can be performed while you are on local anesthesia which means you will be awake all through the procedure.

This is a norm in teaching hospitals as they don’t bother to ask for your consent before proceeding to use you as a case study for student doctors.

This act is not welcomed to most patients but they almost can’t do anything about it because the hospital is labeled a teaching hospital and patients are advised to opt for private hospitals if they are uncomfortable with it.

I believe that in as much as the patient being operated on is very much alive, there should be room for the patient to give consent to have student doctors present in the room to help and learn from the procedure or what are your thoughts on this?

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