What Could be the Reason Behind the Owerri Prison Break?

Prisons are meant to be one of the most guarded places in any country, because it holds people who are criminally minded and are thereby unfit to be part of the society until they are properly rehabilitated. But not in Nigeria. Jail breaks are now becoming more frequent and organized than ever before.

Just months ago, during the end sars protests, several prisoners broke free from the prisons in Ondo and Delta State, and now over a thousand prisoners have made their way out of the Owerri prison in Imo State after a group of armed men stormed in with explosives and engaged in a gun battle with the prison officials.

The escaped prisoners are yet to be found and I doubt there is a search party out there looking for them.
I’m sure that Nigeria’s next line of action will be to plead with them to come back, or even offer them amnesty or reduced sentence when they return.

What group do you think is responsible for the prison break?
Why would they want to break over a thousand prisoners out?