Welcome to NewsComers

NewsComers is an issue-based discussion forum for people who really want to have meaningful discussions.

The forum helps generate conversations around issues of importance to Nigeria (& Nigerians), and the world at large. The issues are discussed in a panel-like setting, with the admin/moderator starting off the discussion, posing questions and follow-up questions (as the case may be), that are answered (commented on) by the panelists (forum members). The idea is to look at all the possible angles of an issue/topic, devoid of tribalism, nepotism and insults. This, we hope, will broaden our understanding of the many issues facing us, thereby helping in charting a meaningful and sustainable course forward.

All comments on NewsComers must add value and every user is encouraged to always explain their positions or assertions. Where a user’s position or comment may be viewed as malicious or misleading, it’s advised that such users support their assertions with evidence.

Please note that ultimately, each user is solely responsible for what he or she posts on the forum.

The forum focuses on a few topics a day.

Always remember that #CommentsMustAddValue & #AlwaysExplainYourPosition