Was Goodluck Johnathan a Better President than Buhari

“At this point in time, after a vivid look into the ideologies and activities of our present political players which includes the youths and elders, we saw in Goodluck Jonathan, a true democrat, a nation builder, a divine inspired goal oriented leader of integrity that has the solution to the present Nigeria problems,” the statement reads.

“He (Jonathan) has proven that he can sacrifice anything to ensure the unity, peace and development of our great nation Nigeria.

“We, as youths of this great nation, after discovering the Nigeria problems and found the solution in Goodluck Jonathan, we are calling on all Nigerians including our political elites, present administration and religious leaders to join the call for the return of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and also join our #BringbackGEJ project.

“We the youths are ready to purchase President Jonathan’s form in any party he chooses to flag from and we will fund his electioneering campaign from the beginning to end the moment he accepts this divine call.”

This is the statement released by a new formed group named Youths Earnestly Demand For Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (YED4GEJ 2023). They had since then started a project #BringBackGEJ to raise funds and bring back the former president due to the need to restructure Nigeria.

I’m not sure if this is good move or not. To some, former President Jonathan was a lot better than Buhari and they won’t mind him coming back to rule Nigeria, but the country wasn’t in it’s best state when he was president, so why would people advocate for him to come back?

Meanwhile, Goodluck is yet to respond to this and on one of the most prominent future contestersstill remains Yahaya Bello.

Now the question that needs to be asked are:

  • Was Goodluck Jonathan a better president than Buhari?

  • Who do you think is capable of leading Nigeria?