WAEC to be Released in Just 45 Days! What are the Pro’s and Con’s

The just concluded 2020 West Africa Senior Secondary Certificate Examination has been said to have their results ready in just 45 days.

This news was made public during an interview with the WEAC Council Head of Public Affairs, Damianus Ojijeogu.
He accredited this fast release to the help of technology which would facilitate the marking and also help to detect malpractice.

This method beats the old method of manual marking as there will be a significant change in the time spent marking the scripts which would directly influence the time the results will be released.

I believe that one major pro is that, this will help to curb the outrageous cases of malpractice as markers who are corrupt and manipulates scripts won’t be able to have access to the scripts.

But at the same time, the Con to this is that, teachers and agents who get these marking jobs and make money from it won’t have the luxury of this extra source of income.

So, which idea outweighs the other? The pro or the con?