UK Authorities Sues Pastor Chris of the Christ Embassy Church for Spreading 5G conspiracy theories

This is funny.

I’m sure Nigerians are used to getting away with broadcasting conspiracies and unverified information just because they have the means to do so, but the United Kingdom is not here to play with pastor chris Oyakhilome of the christ embassy church. In fact, they are set to sue him for £125,000 (85million naira) for the theories he broadcasted through his tv about the 5g network.

What is your reaction to this?

Of course, its been a while since he made this statement, but why is the Uk just ready to take action now?

Will they also hunt down other people and pastors who used their various platforms to broadcast the unverified conspiracies or was their main target just pastor chris?

What do you think about the very fast 5g network? Do you also believe that it was the real cause of the corona virus or not?