Trigger-Happy-Policeman Guns Man Down For Questioning Him

Jelili Bakare, a 45-year-old businessman in Lagos was killed after he demanded explanation from a policeman who tried to search him while he was lounging at the Quinox Lounge in Sangotedo, Ajah.
Although, Mr Jelili lost his life to something that shouldn’t have been an issue between him and the policeman save for Nigeria and its armed forces, the hope of justice to be served came alive after the state Commissioner of Police, Hakeem Odumosu paid the family of the deceased a condolence visit and ordered a trial to be conducted.

The is not the first time Nigerians have fallen victims of trigger-happy law enforcement agents and this case might not be the last until the Government inculcates more check and balance procedures into the force.

  • What form of check and balance procedures do you think will help curb the fast increasing rate of trigger-happy law enforcement agents? Do you think that the use of a body camera by law enforcement agents will help to monitor their practices and put them in check?

  • Even with body cam on policemen in U.S.A, there are still a lot of trigger happy cops, which means that it might not be as effective as proposed, what other tactical equipments or methods can be used to curb this menace?