Tik Tok and Its Adverse Effects

It turns out that posting videos on Tik Tok is not totally welcomed by some counties.

In a country like Egypt, People are starting to get jailed because of their posts on Tik Tok. Recently two women were sentenced to two years in prison and some are still waiting for a trial for posting their videos on Tik Tok.

The Egyptian Government believes it is in violation of family values. This is also not the first time a person is being jailed for something as minor as a post on social media. The citizens of Egypt have been jailed for posts on Facebook and even on Twitter. Anything that criticizes their government can award you a jail time.

So, what can you make of this? Do you really think a post on social media can be deem in violation of family values or is this just a flimsy excuse to violate ones basic human right to freedom and expression?

Don’t you think 2 years of jail time is too strict for just a simple post? What are the Egyptian Activists doing about this?

As an Egyptian, what do you have to say about this? Are you in support of this rule or not?