Third Mainland Bridge Has been Reopened!

The third mainland bridge has been reopened ahead of schedule.

I’m sure this came as a huge relieve to Lagosians that ply the road.

Although, the bridge was partially closed for repairs in July, it had to be completely closed for 72 hours as announced on the 22nd of December.

It turns out that the 72 hours wait was shortened to 48 hours and the bridge was opened.

The reason for the totally shutdown of the bridge was to prevent any vibrations that might prevent the concrete being casted on the bridge. And since this could have been caused by moving vehicles, hence the shut sown.

As for the full reopening of the bridge, February 2021 is the said time for this. By then all repairs must have been completed and the bridge safe for passage.

So, how as the total shut down of the bridge affected you?
What other routes do you ply, other than the third mainland bridge?