There Will Be No Fresh Lockdown... Lai Mohammed

Quite ironic coming from Lai Mohammed don’t you think?

It is no news that Nigeria and even other parts of the world are experiencing a second wave of the covid-19 Pandemic. In the UK, the virus has taken a more serious and new strain and with this new development and in retrospect to ones health, it would be quite logical to resume the lockdown.

But resuming the lockdown also has its con’s. This will mean that the Nigerian economy will continue to go down the drain as it had done when the first lock down was imposed. It also means that more people might lose their jobs and there will be restriction to movement which will might affect some businesses and our everyday lives.

In short, another lockdown doesn’t seem to be the wish of Nigerians at the moment especially now that they are just getting back on their feet after the last lockdown.

But it turns out that in some states, what might seem to be a lockdown is slowly being imposed on them although the Government claimed it isn’t a lockdown.

For example, in Lagos, Schools have been put on hold till further notice and some civil servants have also been told to work from home as it was done during the initial lockdown. Also, there are now restrictions on clubs and social gatherings.

And now, the Minister of Culture and Information, Lai Mohammed has made a statement to insist on the fact that the Federal Government has no intension on enforcing a fresh lockdown.

I believe that it goes without saying the kind of reputation that precedes the Honorable Minister Lai Mohammed.
So, is it possible that a message is being passed through the minister that indeed a fresh lockdown might just be around the corner or is this just a paranoia in me speaking?