The Video That Ended Motara's Career

Motara is a 25 year old ambitious twitter influencer who rose to fame despite coming from a poor home. She was born to a hawker mom who struggled to take care of she and her brother.

Well, one would think that for someone who went through such hardships, she should be compassionate to others who are struggling to earn a living, but a video motara posted proved otherwise.

Motara’s video showed how she teased and mocked a beggar before eventually driving off. Moments after this video was posted, it went viral and there were a lot of speculations on social media.

Due to the inhuman act that was done in the video, Motara’s major source of fame (her twitter account) was taken away from her. Her twitter account was suspended and she also lost an endorsement deal.

Although, she has apologized and took down the video, the repercussions of her doing that in the first place can’t be undone.

Do you think that the punishment melted on her was too much, or she deserved it

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