The Use of ‘Meter’ as a Solution to the Hike in Electricity Bill…… A Hit or a Pass?

Following the hike in the electricity bill, President Buhari has offered a solution to what can be perceived as a problem.

He ordered the commencement of mass-metering and a waiver of the import levy on meters to ensure the easy supply of meters to those who don’t have it.

This was the president’s response to the yearnings of Nigerians who didn’t waste time to question and criticize the plans of the government to increase the tariff on electricity.

However, to unmetered electricity customers and to customers with less than 12 hours of supply, there will be no change in their tariffs.

Well, I think the president did well by getting a solution and answering to the clamor of the masses.

I believe that paying according to the amount of electricity used is not so bad. This means that everyone will have to be more responsible in using electricity as they’ll now pay according to what used.
This will help to reduce the way light bulbs are been left on in the day time and reduce the use of electricity when it is not necessary.