The Usage Of Social Media Accounts For Civil Servants Now Regulated By The Nigerian Government

Social Media Accounts owned by civil servants in Nigeria are now being monitored by the Nigeria Government.

The Nigerian Government now believes that all civil servants posts on social media should be in support of the government and that any post against the government is an act of improper participation and also an act of disloyalty to the government.

All the public servants to the state are also reminded not to share secret information or make false accusations against the government due to its implication as an act if misconduct under the public service rules.

Well, it seems this rule has laws backing it up, but is this what the Nigerian government should focus on right now?

People are dying every day in the southern part of Kaduna and in other places in the north-east, but the government is concerned with what civil servants are doing on their social media accounts. Are their priorities rightly Placed?