The State Of Lebanon After Its Economic Meltdown

It’s no news that the city of Beirut, Lebanon experienced a massive explosion that destroyed half of the city and caused an economic meltdown and the death of hundreds of people as the explosion hit their city’s major source of revenue and place of residence.

This unfortunate incident has caused the resignation of city’s Prime Minister, Hassan Diab and its government. This means that there will be no more governance in Lebanon.

Even before the speech given by the prime minister, Cabinet ministers and some members of the parliament had started to tender in their resignation. This stirred up the people of Lebanon as they organized and had a protest against the government.

The country is now left to fend for itself and produce a new leader.

Isn’t a leader meant to stick with his people in rough times, especially with what Lebanon is passing through right now?

What could have been a better move for the prime minister of Lebanon to take asides stepping down?