The Shocking Reaction Of Parents Towards Rape In Nigeria

The case of a 51-year-old who raped a 8-year-old came to the attention of the National Human Rights Commission, Ebonyi State, and seeing how the parents chose to move on, they couldn’t help but be shocked and disappointed with the way the parents handled the case.

The parents of the victim choose to go home and settle the issue with the accused instead of proceeding with a proper investigation and possible prosecution of the accused.

I believe that it is agreeable that this is how most Nigerian parents react to the rape of their daughters, they prefer to go home and settle instead of seeking justice. They prefer to avoid the public attention the case might receive and shield the victim from the stigmatization that comes with rape rather than face it head on.

Some parents to these victims also end up settling the issue on monetary terms and the accused is then allowed to roam free. It is indeed disappointing and the victims usually have little to say or do in cases like this because they are minors.

Now the question is: How can the mindset of Nigerian Parents be changed towards how they handle rape?

Do you also agree with they manner they choose in settling cases like this or they should pursue justice instead?

In what way can awareness be created to influence parents and their attitude towards rape?