The Reality of an Unmarried Woman Renting an Apartment in Lagos

As a lady, an unmarried woman or even a single mother, it is very difficult to rent an apartment on your own in a lot of places in Nigeria, especially in Lagos. You will hear things like ‘’ you are unmarried, how can you afford the house rent’’? Like women are incapable of making good money and getting a place on their own.

Some landlords or landladies even request for a guarantor which must be male before they can rent out their apartments. The misogyny and patriarchy associated with this has thrived for too long to remain unnoticed.

You literarily have to have a man’s name attached to yours before you can get an apartment to live in in some places in Nigeria. Whereas, men undergo no such treatment when they try to rent out apartments. I believe that this has to end as women are not objects and they shouldn’t be treated as such.

Feel free to let me know your two cents about this. Also, if you as a woman have experienced something similar to this, kindly share.

I initiated a conversation about this with a number of ‘men’ and apparently, to them unmarried ladies are also tagged ‘prostitutes’. An unmarried woman cannot and should not be recognized by the society hence, they can’t rent out their apartments to them.
So, as a lady who can afford to rent out an apartment in a city like Lagos, you might be tagged a sex worker because they don’t believe that women are good enough to work for money and get a place to live in without patronizing men with their bodies.

Not only do I find this backward for the so called(educated man). It screams patriarchy and misogyny which are terms and cultural traits that women all over the world are fighting to abolish.

These seems like a fairytale to me. How can our society had that negative thoughts on single hardworking lady all because she had money, rent an apartment etc. This is unacceptable, how can our society now sees a single lady as a prostitute because she is making good money or having a place of her own. We need to educate ourselves against these negative mindset about a single lady rather than we should encourage them to put more effort in working towards their goals.
We should avoid pressurring them for a husband because ,hardworking lady attracts a good husband.

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