The Plot to Shoot any Cop on Sight in Chicago….. FBI Warns Chicago Police

The FBI has informed the Chicago Police Department of the pact made by gang members to shoot any police on sight and film the process.

This pact seems to be already in motion as two policemen were gunned down while observing a traffic stop on sunday.
Although, there’s no evidence to prove that the gang members were responsible for this shooting, the police still believe in the possibility that this could be the gang members at work.

It was said that these gang members whose pact is named the ‘Pact Made by People Nation Gang Faction’ are with the purpose of observing how police officers carry out their official duties and to gun them down if their weapons are drawn.

In response to the information given to them by the FBI, the Chicago Police Department claimed to be aware of this threat and are taking necessary steps to protect them.


I’m not in support of trying to solve a problem by resolving to take a person’s life, but this pact made by the gang members is obviously a response to the racism and unwarranted shooting and killing of people of color in America.

Gunning down a police officer with a weapon drawn is a resistance to the increased deaths of black people in a nation where republicans think that white is superior, or what else can you make from the pact of these gang members?

What could have led them to want to attack police officers if not the increased rate of racism across the country?

They probably made this pact as a way to enforce the end of racism, but will this really put an end to racial profiling from the police?