The Outcome Of Peaceful Protests In Nigeria

Although, Nigeria claims operate in democracy which encamps freedom and rights to speech and expression, the action of security operates in Nigeria always prove otherwise.

Young guys no longer exercise their freedom of movement in Nigeria because of the stereotypical belief that you might be a ‘yahoo boy’ just because you own an Iphone, have full beards and dreadlocks and sometimes just because they think you might be into a criminal activity just by looking at you.

There have also been several instances of how several Nigerians especially youths have been unjustly denied their basic human rights just because they are against the actions of a security operative or a critic to the present government or ruling party in Nigeria.

A vivid example of this is the treatment accorded to a ‘peaceful revolution now protester’ in Abuja. It happened that during a peaceful protest in the state capital yesterday, a young man was arrested by security operatives.

He was said to have been beaten with iron and chain, kicked with boots and had his hair shaved off with a knife and a broken bottle.

It is quite ironic that why protesting for a better governance, this young man suffered from a bad governance.

Do you really think anything will be done about this great injustice against this revolution protester?

As a young man in Nigeria, have you ever had an encountered with security operatives for being accused of being a yahoo boy? If so, can you share your experience?

How do you think this issue can be resolved?