The Nigerian Government Admonishes Nigerians To Desist From Treating Covid-19 With Home Remedies

Its no news that different home remedies on how to cure the covid-19 virus has taken over the internet for the last few months.

And while some attested to the fact that some of these remedies are quite effective, some refused such and referred back to the tragedy that took place after some persons resolved to using salt and hot water to cure the Ebola virus that threatened African countries some years back.

Well, the Nigerian Government has just issued a general warning to stop the use of home remedies as some can have an adverse effect on one’s health.

Asides from general healthy habits, the Government admonished Nigerians to desist from using other unauthorized remedies for the virus.

I can’t agree more to this and hope that Nigerians adhere to this warning.

What do you think about this?