The Nigerian Army Denies Taking Bribes

How difficult is it to believe that the Nigerian Army also takes bribes. Yes! it happens in Nigeria and i don’t think anyone in this country is new to it. In fact, for the Nigerian Army, you have to give them the money with respect especially when you are travelling.

The method of the Nigerian Army receiving bribes requires you to come down from your vehicle anytime you get to their check points and walk to wherever they are to offer them money else you face their wrath. Also, whatever it is you are giving them must be a hundred naira and upwards. They don’t receive fifty naira like policemen and women do.

So, dismissing this case about what happened in Edo is like looking us in the face and denying what happens everywhere just like they did at the Lekki Toll Gate.

The Nigerian Government constantly denying and dismissing anything that is promoted on social media should also be addressed. Or what do you have to say about this?