The New Nigerian Way of Reporting Rape and Avoiding the Stigmatization that comes with it


One can now report rape and completely avoid the stigmatization that comes with it in Nigeria. An Application named ‘‘SmartRR’’ which was created for rape victims to voice out in confidentiality has proven to be a more effective mode of voicing out than having to tell others and in turn being stigmatized.
This will give people, especially young people, more boldness and courage to ask for help when they unfortunately become victims of this act. In turn, I believe it will also help to increase the amount or percentage of victims of rape to report the crime committed against them in Nigeria.

What do you think about this? Do you think that this App will be really helpful in changing the face of how rape victims are stigmatized in the country?

The App " SmartRR" is a welcome development because a lot of rape incident normally occurs everyday and the victims are afraid to voice it out because being stigmatized. To be honest, the App is not enough because not everyone victims of rape can read or write.
The government or private NGO should provide a public center or humanitarian centers in each state, if possible in each local government, so that the victims should have access and courage to report any raping case.