The New Generation of Artificial Moons to Originate from China

To think of an artificial moon, one would think it is unbelievable right? But as a developed country, China has never failed to amaze us with its beautiful inventions.

Chengdu city in china is creating illumination satellites that will shine 8 times brighter than the real moon.

Ordinarily, one would think of how an artificial moon is necessary since there is nothing wrong with the natural one.

Well, China has given us a number of reasons why an artificial moon is needed. One of the reasons for this is to replace street lamps and lower electricity cost in the urban areas of the country.

This will definitely help to improve the country’s GDP when they are able to lower their electricity bills.

The artificial moon can also be used where there is no electricity and as a medium of disaster relief and can be moved for one location to another. This man-made moon is a new generational technology that will help to save billions of yuan yearly in China.

China also plans to create more of this moon to orbit the earth by 2022.