The Call For Nigerians to Occupy Aso Rock

During the Sunday Service in the Catholic Archdiocese Church in Abuja, Reverend John Chineye Oluoma called on Nigerians to come together and march against the present government.

He suggested that Nigerians should occupy Aso Rock and protest against the government’s bad governance, insecurity and poverty in Nigeria.

He called on the religious bodies and their heads in Nigeria to organize a crusade at the major political arenas like the National Assembly, the Eagle Square and in Aso Rock to remove the politicians and occupy the place until the politicians do the right thing or else they will be removed.

He concluded his speech by expressing what the lord had told him. He believes that they should stop praying about them but should be removed through elections.

Well, this is not the first Nigerian cleric to complain about the Political situation of Nigeria. Bishop David Oyedepo is also another man of God who never fails to educate the masses on how irresponsible the government of Nigeria has become and how to overcome it.

However, do you think a protest against the present government can change anything?

The cleric mentioned that an election will help to remove incompetent politicians, what is you take on this?
Do you think elections are won by the most preferred and competent person or by who is able to bribe more people and steal more ballot boxes?

How do you think the problem of bad governance, insecurity and poverty can be solved in Nigeria?