The Baby Factory Business Still a Blooming Business in Nigeria

Reports came in that an Orphanage called Oroyemi Elizabeth Convenant Home and Care Centre in Ile-Ife Osun State was used as a front for impregnating women and selling their babies.

With this report, the state government officials stormed the building and about a total of 47 children and 15 girls with an undergraduate were rescued from the facility.

It was also said that this is not the first time reports were made concerning the facility and the suspected illegal activities that were going on in it, but it took 4 years before anything could be done about it.

This is also not the first case of baby factory business that exists in Nigeria.
It has always been a blooming illegal business especially in the southeast, as girls are mostly taken from the north and raped to produce children who are later sold off to adoptive women, but not much has been done to track down the syndicates of this illegal business and put an end to it.

It makes me wonder if there are social and child care services in Nigeria because the rate of child molestation and trafficking in Nigeria, Or have you ever seen them at work?

Can they be classified as effective in the fight against child molestation in Nigeria?