The Advanced Stage of Corruption In Nigeria

Nigeria has been ranked one of the most corrupt countries in Africa and even in the world. Many Nigerians who are located outside the country have been indicted for either scamming a white person, fraud or for just one ponzi scheme or another.

It’s no wonder that Dubai of the United Arab Emirates wants nothing to do with Nigerians following the Arrest of Hush Puppi.

In Nigeria, it is quite normal to tip every policeman or woman you see on the road while travelling or even when you’re just driving around your town or city.

Motorists are also not exempted from this corrupt act that has been adopted by the Nigerian Police.

Drivers and motorists usually pay at least 50 naira or 100 naira and more in some cases to get unrestricted access to roads.

The payment of cash has always been the means of this illegal transaction, but It turned out that some months ago, around the beginning of this year, Policemen in Delta State have decided to upgrade and step up their mode of corruption by using a point of sale machine (POS).

Funny right? This means that they were out to get a larger amount of money that their usual change. In respect to this, the IGP claimed to have started an investigation into this case but, it seems that their so called investigation has yielded no fruits.

Honestly, I can’t ask you all to give suggestions how an end can be put to this, because even the body/agency that is meant to investigate the wrongs of the Nigerian Police are also bedridden in Corruption.

And once there’s an enquiry into a missing sum of money or misappropriation of funds, we faint and lie against wild animals for swallowing the money.

Finding a way to fight corruption should be the third most important agenda of Nigeria after eliminating every trace of the Boko Haram (and kidnappings) and finding a cure for the Corona Virus.

Also, feel free to share any experience you’ve had with the Nigerian Police that has made you to bribe them with a ridiculous amount of money.