Terrorists, Bandits 'Eats Their Cake And Have It'

For some weird reasons the current administration in Nigeria actually allow terrorists who rape, kill, destroy villages and settlements walk free. After these terrorists perform horrors on people and then later on choose to surrender, the Nigerian Government receives them with open arms and allow them to go through a rehabilitation phase before reintegrating them into the society.

It doesn’t require a lot of common sense to know that this is unjust. There should be a form of punishment melted on these offenders just as they do to capital offenders especially with the nefarious act they perpetrate here and there.

Asides from giving us reports on air strikes that wiped out the terrorists settlements from time to time and deploying units to search and hunt down this terrorists, there’s almost nothing in place to curb the movement of terrorists in Nigeria. They are almost never caught. Kidnappers are also on the loose everywhere in Nigeria and I doubt we even have the technological capability, forensic science or a highly intelligent taskforce to track down these oppressors.

What then is Nigeria doing about protecting its people? How long will this menace go on before the streets are cleansed of the terrorists and kidnappers that terrorize Nigerians?

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