Supporters of Oodua Republic Hold Mass Rally in Ondo State, Says That They Are Not Nigerians

There are reports that Members of Ilana Omo Oodua converged in a parking lot in Akure, Ondo State, and proceeded to hold a peaceful rally demanding for the independence of the South-West part of Nigeria.

The State Coordinator of the group, Omojowo Victor, said some leaders of groups championing the crusade would join them in the rally.

Do you know who these leaders are?

He spoke on behalf of the entire Yoruba race and said that they prefer to be pulled out of Nigeria so they could take care of themselves.

“We prefer to stay on our own. We are not Nigerians. We are peaceful people that’s why they are cheating us".

He further spoke on the police force and and acknowledged their suffering and the need for all that to change.

Some questions that needs to be asked includes:

Are the Yoruba’s really interested in forming their own sovereign nation?

Will the separation of Nigeria to form three independent nations (the Republic of Biafra, Oodua Republic, others) improve the situation of things?

Do you think that this separation can happen without necessarily leading to a civil war?