Students Beat Up UNIABUJA Lecturer For Breaching Exam Instructions

Some students of the department of Banking and Finance who sat for an exam that was meant to last for 3 hours but was asked to be turned in just 45 minutes decided that beating up the lecturer responsible for this was the best way to address the situation.

The video that proves this has been going round on social media and some persons love the act that was melted on the lecturer. They claimed that they can be very brutal and insensitive hence they deserve to be treated that way. While others criticized what was done and claimed that on no terms should they have resolved to doing such to their lecturer.

What do you think about this? Was the beating well deserved or not? What other way do you think they should have resolved this issue instead of beating up their lecturer?

Frankly, some lecturers are very brutal and insensitive but beating him is not the best way to resolved the issues . They supposed to complain or write a petition to the management, as far the students are in unison, the management will give them a listening ear.