South African Man Awarded 1,088 Jail Term For Raping 41 Women

Sello Abram Mapunya, a 33 year old South African man has been sentenced to thousand and eighty-eight years of imprisonment for allegedly raping over forty women in a community.

Sello was also involved and found guilty of house robberies, sexually violating minors and women in general and was charged with a hundred various crimes which began as far back as 2014 and ended in 2019 after he was arrested.

In the end, he was found guilty of 41 rapes, 40 counts of robbery with aggravating circumstances and 40 counts of housebreaking, and was sentenced to 1,088 years of jail term.

To a lot of people, justice have been served, but to some, the judgement is too harsh.

Does the judgement really seem harsh or well deserved?