Smugglers Still At Work Despite Interstate Ban

On the 24th of June 2020, three suspected female smugglers were caught in an attempt to smuggle ammunition from Kano to Bayelsa state. These women were arrested by the Special Tactical Squad of the Nigerian Police Force in a motor park where they plan to board vehicles leading to Bayelsa.

The suspected women kept the arms and ammunition concealed in rice sacks which was searched by the police and 818 rounds of live ammunition were found.

One of the suspected women who introduced herself as Eleana Yowei and is 25 years of age claims that it wasn’t an intentional act and that she only acted on the instructions given to her by her husband who was currently detained by the military.

This leaves us to wonder why:

Movement from one state to another is still in course despite the ban on interstate movement during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Also, Is the security of this country standard enough to keep apprehending criminals like they did this time or was it just luck?

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