Sierra Leone Finally Puts an End to Death Penalty

The Deputy Minister of Justice, Napoleon Koroma announced that after the legislation goes to parliament and gets approved, the country, Sierra Leone will no longer be a party to the death penalty.

This means another country has finally abolished the death penalty like most countries have, and the UN and Humans Rights Activists can have less countries to worry about. Meanwhile, quite a number of countries are yet to reason with this inhumane act (as categorized under human rights). Countries like Iran, Iraq, Saudia Arabia, Somalia, Egypt and even the United States still recognize the death sentence as a justifiable punishment to criminals.

What do you think about the death penalty? Do you think that it is a justifiable punishment for hardened criminals or it is too harsh and collides with one’s human rights?

Some people also think that the death penalty is the government’s tool for control in a way that the citizens are fearful and the government is more concerned with controlling them based on their fear for the consequences to crimes rather than serving justice.

Do you also agree with this?