Second Strain of the Virus Finally seeps into Africa

I’m sure there is now a general awareness of the second strain of the covid-19. These new variants of the virus are present in countries like Denmark, Australia, France Italy and the UK.

This variant unlike the one that dominated the first wave of the virus is a lot more deadlier, hence the need to be more careful and take preventive measure seriously.
And as a way to prevent the spread of the new strain of the virus, other countries have banned flights coming from these affected countries.

This new strain is now present in Africa as there have been several reports to confirm the mutation of this virus in South Africa.

But for some reason, Nigeria is still receiving flights from some of these affected countries like the United Kingdom. More like they are waiting for this new variant to come in before they strengthen preventive measures which mirrors what happened in the first place.

How precise can the actions of the government be described towards this? Mind you, the vaccine is still yet to arrive in Nigeria and it has been rumored to cost billions.


Will we eventually be at the mercy of the Europeans if the deadlier variant of the virus takes its toll and leaves us at their mercy?

The government is playing the economic card in its insistence not to close its borders to countries like the UK and soithafrica who have experienced the second strain of the virus. Sometimes I just do not get the reasoning of our people in power. If there were to be a spike today in Nigeria these countries will close their doors to Nigeria. The second wave is obviously more deadly as we can see what is happening in yaba. In the past there was no need for excessive oxygen, but now there is an excessive oxygen usage and at the rate we are going we won’t be able to sustain it because we do not have the capacity to provide oxygen in different parts of Lagos talk more of Nigeria. Our leaders need to realise that when the crisis hits the money which they are hell bent on making will be used to cater for the crisis. Prevention is more cheaper than cure.

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It actually makes a lot of sense to think that an economic card is really been used here since the Nigerian Government still hasn’t ground flights coming from the infected countries.
But if Nigeria’s economy was really their concern, treating infected citizens might cost a lot more than preventing the citizens from being infected by grounding this flights.

Nigeria government has been slipping in terms of good preventive measures against convid 19, they should have stopped or banned any form of travelling to Nigeria.When others are closing their boarders, we Nigerians are opening our owns, Our Government has not put any preventive measures ahead. They should Wake up and act fast, because this second strain of the virus will be more deadly than the first .