Scanty Dressing Is Not Unafrican? How True Is This?

A Nigerian Activist, Aisha Yesufu has taken her time to address the public through her twitter account on how scanty dressing is African as she is against those who are saying that it is unafrican to be scantily dressed.

Well, I can say that she is wrong, because Africa is a very hot continent and that is why it is a continent for black people as we have a lot of melanin to cope with the sun rays.

In fact a lot of people have argued that some countries in Africa, like Burkina Faso and Nigeria are not in the same sphere as the rest of the world but is located somewhere near the sun. Funny right? Well, that is hot Africa can be described as.

Now that we have understood how hot Africa is, I think it is obvious that it isn’t a continent for heavy and thick or fur clothing as it is commonly worn in the Russia and other cold climate zones.

So, why not scanty clothing? This will help to bring down the heat one feels on a regular sunny day in Africa. Even at night, the heat can be unbearable sometimes that Nigerians have now resorted to sleeping naked.

Scanty dressing is not asking anyone to dress in an indecent manner. I think scanty dressing is saying no more suits, long sleeved shirts and tie for a average African man who works in a place without a air conditioning to bring down the effect of the roasting African heat.

We can’t keep dressing like the white men because we don’t share the same climate or weather conditions.

Scanty dressing is saying that no more compulsory wearing of skirts for ladies and to normalize the use of sleeveless tops and the use of wide sleeved tops as our great grandmothers wore back in the days.

Well, even if this becomes a normalized way of dressing in Africa, I doubt Nigeria will follow suit because of our religious fanatics as some religion will require their worshippers to be fully roped.

So, do you believe that scanty dressing is the African way?