Saudi Arabian Women Are Finally Able To Watch Live Football

Saudi Arabia is a very conservative Islamic country that has a lot of rules governing their women.

Some of these rules are quite extreme as they constrain women from doing some certain things or dressing in a certain way.

Until some years ago, Saudi Arabia women were not allowed to drive. It took a lot of efforts by human rights activists to abolish this rule and grant women the right to own a car and drive it.

The women over there are also not allowed to travel out until they get a written permission from any male in the family. As a lady, you cannot go out without a male companion nor without wearing an Abaya.

As a lady, if your Abaya is too thin, you can be arrested by the police. In short, the women in Saudi Arabia do not have as much freedom as the women in other western countries have.

One of the constraints on women over there is not being allowed to watch live football in a public place like a stadium.

But after a lifetime of observing this rule with protests from feminists and human rights activists all over the world. On 12 January 2018, the odds were favored to women who love watching football as the ban that disallowed women from doing this was lifted.

Two years after the lifting of this ban, women were sighted in their hundreds as they trooped in to watch the League match at the King Abdullah Stadium in Saudi Arabia.

Well, it turns out that the crowned prince of Saudi Arabia was behind this new development and some conservative members of the Saudi society and Saudi Clerics are in opposition to this new development as they believe it can influence their morals which will in turn affect Saudi’s Islamic and National Identity.

Personally, I respect everyone’s faith, but I think Saudi Arabia is too conservative. It is quite understandable that it is a holy city for Islam and they should behave and act in a way that muslims and other Islamic Countries will look up to them but their rules against women are quite strict and sometimes women flee the country in order gain freedom from their conservative and harsh rules.

Allowing a woman to drive, travel, vote, watch live football and wear moderate clothes is not too much to ask. But Saudi women had to fight for these rights before they were granted to them.

I believe this is the true reason for feminism. To fight to have the same rights accorded to men also given to women especially in countries like North Korea and Saudi Arabia. Do you also believe this?

Was it fair that women were not allowed to watch live football until 2018?

Is it possible that this is the beginning of a new era for Saudi Arabia women as their bans are slowly beginning to be lifted one after the other?