Rochas Okorocha Granted Bail Over N7.9b Missing Funds


Who grants bail to someone that is connected to N7.9 billion?

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission on Thursday arrested the former Imo state governor, Rochas Okorocha who was found in connection to N7.9b looted state funds found in different bank accounts. And now, he has been granted bail to enable him come with useful information and evidence to help his case ignoring the fact that he is a flight risk.

What is your reaction to this?
How do you think this case will play out?

Left to me, this is another show organized by the EFCC which will feature Rochas as the prosecuted, but he will suddenly develop some health issues and even a fainting spell during interrogation and then the entire case will be neglected or completely thrown out of court even with convincing evidence, either ways he will be acquitted after all.