Resumption School Date Might Be Extended To a Much Later Date

Although for a good reason, the possible extension of school resumption dates might not do much to prevent the spread of covid-19.

I believe that we are gradually approaching a phase where we have to come to terms with so-existing with the virus.

But in Nigeria, a country where people troop in and out of the crowded market everyday, public transportation doesn’t respect the rule of social distancing and most people have given up on the preventive measure of using a nose mask, why do schools have to be closed to curb the spread of the virus?

Why not enforce a strict daily preventive routine that will enable people and students go about their normal lives without spreading or contracting the virus?

Is it possible to achieve this in Nigeria? Or is this method equivalent to building castles in the air and the lockdown on schools will proof more effective?


Talking of extending school resumption, that is not the only way to curb the spread of the virus, if proper control measures are not in place such as maintaining social distancing, wearing of nose/face mask, washing of hands regularly, sanitizing of hands etc the virus will not be controlled.
I suggest that the best thing to do is for government to enforce all schools to have standby water where their pupils and students can always wash their hands regularly, sanitize their hands and encourage their parents to get nose mask for their children, one more thing school owners should maintain social distancing for the school children, those schools using bench should sit 2 instead on a bench instead of 4 or 5, those using single chair should space it out very well, also teachers should make sure that children under their care doesn’t run their hands on their eyes, mouth or nose as that may the dangerous.


Its quite disheartening that students especially in public tertiary institutions have spent close to a year achieving nothing, and we need to remember that it was not corona virus that caused this.Our education system is so bastardized that we are even unable to employ the online studies technique which a lot of foreign countries have being employing in ensuring that educational activities continues. We simply lack the capacity to ensure that students operate in a disciplined and safe manner in order to ensure physical studies in the campus resumes. We have already being told that the last batch of youth corps members were exposed to the virus and there is no assurance that our public schools which lack basic things like water and good sanitary environment can cope with controlling the virus. All in all, corona virus has exposed Nigeria to be a country that has little to no plans for its citizens because the economy has not being developed enough to run in a manner where business can fully operate in the face of this pandemic, our health systems cannot cope, also our educational system cannot cope also.

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You’re right, online schools could have been a way out and at least students of private schools were able to benefit from this, but the students of Federal and State schools were left unattended to. So, to an extent, the pandemic revealed where Nigeria is lagging behind in the educational sector and even now that it has become obvious that the online schooling system for most tertiary institutions in Nigeria is next to zero, the Government are yet to do anything about this. I doubt that this was even considered in the 2021 budget for education.

I believe that all these preventive measures have been put in place which automatically nullifies the reasons for schools to be shut.

I believe that the next step should be how to go about our daily lives while coexisting with this virus that seems to be here to stay.

So why decide on if schools should be shut or not?

We have less thinkers and more political jingoist in the country today. They don’t have any plan for online studies in the public schools, they are yet to even equip the libraries or the labs talk more of building a technology platform that can help students study from afar. A lot of foreign universities made a lot of money during lockdown by selling online courses to people around the world. This country needs a drastic change and when I mean a drastic change change, I am talking about tearing up the current constitution and rewriting another one , where states will be allowed to grow at their own pace based on their productivity. In this current govt and the next one to replace it, there will be change if the status quo remains.

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